The Whisper Test Song Program
The Whisper Test Song©
Lyrics by Michael C. Pierce
Music by Brian Nelsen

A joyful day, the air is fresh. I skip along to school
It seemed like a perfect day until those kids started being cruel
Someone called me a loser, was that a finger pointed at me?
Thought I heard some laughing, why don’t they just let me be?
And I heard: “ha-ha-ha-ha, hey-hey, ha-ha-ha-ha”

Do I go back home or go and face this day?
So hard making up my mind hearing half of what they say
I want to hang in the schoolyard, make friends and have some fun
Instead I'm feeling all alone, looking for a place to run

So many thoughts swimming in my head
Those bits and pieces of what gets said
On days like this why's it seem to be?
That Mom and Dad are the only ones who love on me

Into the classroom, with writing on the wall
At least there was Mrs. Leonard, she was the kindest of them all
Short, round, and happy, you know she was the best
Mrs. Leonard told us on this day that we'd be taking the Whisper Test
Those words echoed in my head, bringing on so much fear
The other kids they might find out I have only one good ear

I turned my bad ear towards the teacher in the face of all that fear
And pretended to cover with my hand my only one good ear
Then seven words were whispered, bringing me so much joy
Mrs. Leonard said to me: "I wish you were my little boy"
My little boy, my little boy, my little boy
It doesn’t matter now I can see
There's nothing wrong between you and me
I'm not alone and out of place
Look at me now I’ve got a smile upon my face
I’ve got a smile upon my face, yeah I’ve got a smile upon my face

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