The Whisper Test Song
The Whisper Test Song Study Guide:
*Adapts to existing Anti-bullying programs OR stands alone
*Is easy to follow and use
*Cleverly includes all players and demonstrates their impacts
*Is flexible for educators
*Is fun!

The Whisper Test Song Program brings awareness and education by providing age-specific music and study guides for students from Kindergarten to 5th grades.

The Whisper Test Song Study Guide would be a breath of fresh air to any educator concerned with engaging, age-appropriate curriculum or core standards. It will help schools take pro-active measures against bullying by creating a special opportunity for the roles of the players to be addressed in a natural, non-threatening, yet productive way. The best defense against bullying is to prevent it from ever taking root and this study guide reaches children as early as Kindergarten.

The study guide can be used in schools now to inform students and educators while helping to insure the establishment of a safe, caring environment. Teachers are offered such concepts as diversity awareness, tolerance, and marginalization to help build understanding through various age-specific exercises and activities. These exercises not only reiterate lessons learned throughout the study, but also give participants constructive experience in dealing with bullying. It calls all the players to the front line (without calling the bully onto the carpet) and demonstrates the good that can be done against bullying while demonstrating the power of inclusion. The lessons then seamlessly meld with a catchy original song and music video that rhythmically convey a child’s journey into the school realm.

Finally, the study guide helps identify positive roles that parents and teachers must embrace to make sure their schools have a real chance to be bully free by nurturing a warm, caring environment.
Anti-Bullying and The Whisper Test Song Program…
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What exactly is a whisper test ?
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